Walk This Path Alongside Me

Sing through the rain
and ease your pain!
Through God’s eyes,
forget the spies!

Ring in the light of the torn years,
because it will cease all your fears!
God holds my hand through the slumber,
whilst Angels sing in their numbers!

Hold on to your feelings because these are benign!
Against all odds you feel the love!
He holds onto me through the pain
and venture is gained!

God holds me to him through the love,
because he cares and knows it’s tough!
Go with a care for yourself,
in the pathways we shall delve!

The Lord God he shines on me,
he holds me to him through love!
He helps me to see what will be will be,
memories of the day and bad ends with a shove!

Hear him on the waves of the sea!
Hear him through your heart and mind!
Because the God of love is with me,
that God is one of a kind!

Kindle the light let it burn!
Wash away the tears in turn!
God walks with me side by side,
whilst the Angels sing!

When the day breaks and you feel bad.
When you are depressed and sad.
Reach for the love of God by you,
for he will be there for you too!

God raise my spirit along with yours!
He closes the bad and opens doors!
Go with the light and be free,
walk this path along side me!

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