Walk This Path With Me

Glory holds high in the mist,
open up your heart and close your fists!
See the light within shine,
for the God it is mine!

I am the light I pour my soul to thee,
will you walk with me?
Take a turn about the countryside,
in your heart be content to ride!

Glory enfolds you into the night,
into the darkness comes the light!
Frowning on the years spent away,
coming home on this glorious day!

,God is there and everywhere
see it in your heart!
Peace of mind will be there
and nothing will ever make us part!

Glory of God lights up the path!
He shows us love not wrath!
Be kind to yourself and others in your life,
to the poor and sufferers of strife!

In your life did nothing wrong,
so hear the God song!
It’s love and light the bearer of news,
I wish I could be in your shoes!

Glory is in your mind and heart,
right from the start!
Open within,
smile with a grin!

For love is there for all to see,
will you walk this path with me?
The Glory of God is within you,
you have got the golden shoe!

He reaches for the Spirit,
teachings of love and hate!
Be not late,
for love never dies but grows with it!

Hearts in the morning
rest in peace!
For it is a new dawning,
the suffering will cease!

Glory comes to those who love!
Be a rock!
Be a beacon of light for those in plight,
for love is free!
Will you walk this path with me?

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