Weeds are growing through the gravel,
the bind weed is worst, for it travels!
Out come the garden fork and gloves,
weeding the garden, listening to doves!

The weeds grow so tall and are wild!
They are like people, grow to adult from a child!
Get the poison out and spray them good!
Put them in bags for the tip, you should!

Dandelions grow in clumps.
Grass grows in lumps!
It reseeds, so weed it well,
because the brambles dwell!

They live in any type of ground,
grow quite tall and all year round!
They grow over everything,
get the gardening gloves on and sing!

How nice your garden will look when its done!
They don’t half grow and then some!
Looking dapper in your gardening clothes in blue,
maybe I will help you weed too!

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