Will I Get Caught Today?

Buzz, buzz, buzz, my little wings flap.
Will I get caught in the spider’s trap?
Light shines on the wall but I am not dazed!
On being not caught yet, I am amazed!

Buzz, buzz, buzz, crawling about on the walls.
My feet keep firmly on the ground.
Oh no! A spider I have found!
Upside down with suction feet makes sure that I do not fall!

Buzz, buzz, buzz, dicing with death!
Making sure I do not get caught and run out of breath!
I have crawled right under the web, provoking the spider,
my area for crawling has just got wider!

Buzz, buzz, buzz, my small body flew free!
Are you going to squat me?
I am playing Roulette!
Will I live? You want a bet?

Buzz, buzz, buzz, I live each day as it comes!
I am far away from home.
Today I have survived the perils of life
and on the Earth I shall roam!

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