You Light Up My Life

You light up my life
God in me
for all the crowd
to come and see

I walk this path with you hand in hand,
for the love seeks me throughout the land.
I try for the sake of me to love
but the glory is found from God above!

Light up my life!
Lord sing with me
for the life is within,
we shall see!

It’s a crime to be happy and a sin!
No you just do it and win!
Don’t bottle up all your woes,
for the love surrounds you from head to toes!

Lord let me love it is not a sin!
I will see you in Heaven when it is time,
for the life of the present is mine!
Oh Lord, I shall win!

Lord you light up my life,
it’s within me living!
A time for healing,
a time for giving!

Let us walk hand in hand
throughout the land!
Walk with your head held high,
deeply thinking on a sigh!

Light up my life,
like a candle with a flame!
Let’s be gentle!
Let’s not be lame!

To take it on with your heart open!
Lord you light up my life nothing is forsaken!
Go with me on the journey of love,
it comes from the soul and a whisper from above!

You light up my life!
Come with me
for all is love
and you will see!

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